Thursday, 18 April 2013

Say no to colas refreshments.

niño-refresco-colaThe colas have been almost always frowned upon. For decades it was considered the drink of the leftist ultraradicales, hippies. Later happened to be a totally capitalist and consumption spread throughout the world. However, many times the research and studies have shown the health risks posed by these sodas: too much sugar, gas, chemicals, carcinogens ... and still continues to be consumed.

Also, colas are one of the main products consumed by overweight people and can cause diseases such as diabetes. The last damage to health that he blames the tail is hypokalemia
This disease is a balance disorder in potassium levels in the body that can eventually lead to severe muscle weakness leading to paralysis and this is a dangerous risk of death.

coca-cola-muerteThis happens because colas cause a decrease in body potassium ions, especially in those who consume this product immeasurably. This overeating can cause weakening and already been documented cases where people have died from paralysis in key organs such as the lungs.

Of course, it is very difficult to suppress the consumption of cola in the world with the spread that is highly addictive components. But it is necessary to control the use and try to take the least line and encourage consumption among children.

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