Saturday, 16 March 2013

What Are the Effects of Elevated Potassium Levels?

It is indeed an important subject to know what are the effects of elevated Potassium Levels Increases Because if it can then it Affect the heart of the patient. Potassium Grows and Increases in the bloodstream, mostly Because of kidneys That Do not filter things properly. In this matter, people can face irregular heartbeat weakness Along with health and other related symptoms. This condition is Known as hyperkalemia Which is detected after test and symptoms. Prolonged Increased Levels of potassium or extreme overdoses can turn out as life threatening. Below are the effects of elevated potassium levels.
Some of the minor effects can be detected if the potassium level is high but not excessive. Symptoms can grow unpleasant Also in Certain cases where weakness and tiredness can Also be recorded.
Some patients can face breathing troubles Also if the situation gets worst. Effects like hyperventilating Can Arise in the body are found in Extra potassium. In this condition, the patient breathes Rapidly than normal. Rapid breathing can bring changes in the blood chemistry, leading to the loss of potassium in the blood.
Circulatory effects are found to be the MOST common effects disrupt That heart muscle. Potassium is an electrolyte basically (chemical) That can capably conduct electricity. This acts as mineral That Regulates heartbeat. However, the Increased Levels can lead to heart palpitations and Irregularities. Disruption in heartbeat arrhythmia is Known as Which Should be Treated soon to avoid risk of sudden death. Very high level of potassium can even lead to stoppage of heart Functioning.
 This condition Also Brings neurological effects. Elevated Levels Can Affect nervous system of the body and can send inaccurate signals, making the patient feel weak and paralytic. In some cases, the patient can even experience Difficulty in moving limbs or digits Because the nerve signals do not transmit the sign Appropriately.
One of the common causes of elevated potassium Levels is dysfunction of the kidneys. Conditions Such as Addison's disease can possibly lead to the same condition. Potassium Can Also Increase in blood if acidosis is Caused through diabetes. The results can be more fatal tissue damage like due to severe burns, other type of trauma or other condition seek medical attention That as it destroys tissue cells.

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