Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Battle Against Periodic Paralysis

Spotlight on a Rare and Complex Disease

Imagine yourself hanging out with friends, shopping at the local mall. All of a sudden, for no reason that you are aware of, your legs become so heavy that you can no longer pick them up to take another step. Your friends think you are joking, but you're not.

Or perhaps, picture yourself at a birthday pool party. Surrounded by family excitement, the summer sun, and plenty of junk food, you begin to experience severe dizziness accompanied by debilitating weakness in your entire body. Your family is baffled by your sudden impairment and have no idea why you're being so dramatic or what to do to help.
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Gulf Coast Girl said...

Thank you for sharing my article, and saying hello on my blog. Feel free to share what I write, as long as I am credited as the source, as you did with my article here. Again, thanks for helping others understand this rare disease.

Kelli Bosarge

rui BG said...

Thank you so much, I wanted to share your experience with all visitors as it is the reality we live day to day, I just want the world to know we're here, that's all,
  I share information respecting those who wrote them, I just want to inform many people who do not know what they have and know they are not alone, and this is my task.
I Hypokalemia and I have my 8 years also have it, and I've set a goal to inform and inform everyone, and in different languages.
I give thank you very much and I hope you are well, I send greetings