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What I take for Hypokalemia???

Hypokalemia and hidrocostisona topical??, Related?
hi such, I use hydrocortisone for seborrheic dermatitis sometimes comes to me, this does not try to do regularly, and I try to suspend it for days, as it is not good to use long time.
I came out I did some tests and the serum potassium is at 3.5 which is the lower limit.
May be related to hydrocortisone, or else it may be, because I have a few months presenting dizziness and nausea and gastrointestinal imbalance, which I assume the possible lack of potassium ... can I say?
regarding frequent urination is considerably, and edema in the feet so far no problems ...

Hypokalemia is dangerous?
depends if potassium levels drop too low on your body you might have complications, potassium is an electrolyte nesecita body to function properly, we need to perform the impulses nervisos body like sodium

Help me here in a clinical case a doctor or medical student progress please?
Female patient, 45 years old, suffering burns accidentally dermohypodermic home of 45% of body surface. It led to the emergency room where she enters. Evolutionarily ago electrolyte imbalance box with low levels of potassium in your blood (hypokalemia).
a) Identify the morphological cell injury he expects to find in the kidney of the patient.
b) Explain the pathogenesis
c) Describe the morphological features of the lesion identified by you
d) If the patient meets the clinical, are maintained renal changes?. Support your answer.

It seems that could have renal vasoconstriction in response to the volume loss of any patient that presents with burns, as well hypokalemia itself is doing, the advanced and durable vasoconstriccón necrosis of the first small area and wider then it can reach up to cause kidney failure but is achieved adequate volume replacement and electrolytes, to achieve stabilization box vasoconstriction and necrosis should be resolved, not immediately but in a short time, do not know if this will be useful.

therapy that applies to a person who stopped walking!!?
and not knowing what they have because of their overweight, measured 1.78 and weighs 130 kilos, all I know is that apparently is hypokalemia, and also that he wanted to do MRI and CT, the machines do not support or does not fit , gouged spinal fluid to determine who was and was perfect, says he has the legs sleepy and feeling cramps, but can not move a single finger, feels nothing after his hip,
Thanks for taking a little time to read this, thank you for your helpful information, thanks for aplicarla.infinitamente.

There electroshock therapy to stimulate muscles and regain motion

Hello Help?
anyone know what does this mean
Prolonged overuse can cause an imbalance of electrolytes and hypokalemia and may precipitate the onset of rebound constipation.
I read in a brochure and let me know if you record or have symptoms
is the prospect of dulcolax laxative

The electrolyte imbalance is a dehydration, the hipootasemia low potassium is causing very strong cramps, do not worry about it takes away a banana is good constipation you already know it is, but when you find medicine for it would be useful to give you at least, more information.


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