Monday, 4 March 2013

Meals that affect the level of potassium.

I will write some important tips that affect me day day with respect to food, carbohydrates (pasta, bread, potatoes, sweets and sugar
They are sometimes a little hard to not eat them, but unfortunately are key for us to have a drop of potassium in seconds
Always clear when we can eat in small portions during the day there is no problem, of course, and that in small portions.
Recently in yesterday and ate a favorite dish that I like pasta with meat, but eating it felt with rapid change in my body quickly had to take four tablets of potassium to control the level of potasios, But I saw that the attack of paralysis was very strong and I had to take four tablets more and so I was paralyzed all night and the next day, by eating my favorite food.
We have to be very careful with food, of course it is impossible not to eat them as it is difficult not to eat something we like but unfortunately we have to slow down eating mode.
We all know it's hard to fight this disease especially when we live in the community do not understand the type of disease we have.
But we have to keep fighting and looking for more information and sharing with us all this information we find in this wonderful computing world thanks to it we know that we know we are not alone there are more people with the same problems as we live day to day as well I wish all who visit this blog to share their experiences so we can help each other
Thank you all.

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