Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Excessive consumption of cola drinks can cause muscle problems

Society is more and more, consuming cola soft drinks and this type or is starting to generate a series of health problems. We are consuming more soft drinks than ever before and a number of issues of health and related problems have been identified in dentures including bone demineralization, and the development of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, "says Dr. Moses Elisaf working in the Department of Internal Medicine University of Ioannina, Greece.
"In this regard, there is growing evidence that allow us to suggest that excess consumption of these drinks tail may also result in hypokalemia, which drop the blood potassium levels, end up causing an adverse effect on vital functions of muscles. "
According to the definition posted on Wikipedia, the "hypokalemia" (also known as hypokalemia) is a disorder in body fluid balance, characterized by decreased levels of potassium ion (K) blood, with levels below 3.5mmol/lt.
Hypokalemia has several causes. The most common are decreased intake, increased potassium losses (which can be taken for kidney or vomiting and diarrhea), increased substance called renin (which increases aldosterone), Cushing Syndrome (where there is an increase in the levels of glucocorticorticoides, which also have mineralocorticoid effect as aldosterone), hyperglycemia (by causing diuresis, etc.).
Because potassium is responsible for facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses across the cell membrane, the symptoms of this disorder include fatigue, myalgia (muscle pain), you can get to be a progressive weakness and possible paralysis hypoventilation.
The research conducted by Dr. Elisaf and colleagues has shown that the symptoms found can vary from very mild to profound weakness or partial paralysis.
Fortunately, all the patients studied achieved a rapid and complete recovery after having stopped drinking these beverages or receive oral or intravenous potassium supplements.
In the studies analyzed patients had daily intakes that ranged from two to nine liters of cola per day. Even, there were two cases of pregnant women were admitted to hospital consultation exhibiting low levels of potassium.
The first 21 years of age, admitted drinking three liters of cola per day and complained of symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite and vomiting. An electrocardiogram also revealed that he had a heart blockage, while blood tests showed they had low levels of potassium.
The second also had low levels of potassium and suffering of the growing weakness. It turned out he had been drinking up to seven liters of cola per day for the past 10 months.

Among the findings is discussed that the hypokalemia may be caused by excessive consumption of three of the most common ingredients found in colas: glucose, fructose and caffeine.

"The individual role of each of these ingredients in the pathophysiology of hypokalemia induced by this type of beverage has not been determined and can vary in different patients,.

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